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Join us for some fantastic;

Geological Excurtions in April 2011

1. Kirkconnel Opencast Coal Mine. 2nd April 2011 Come and join GeoD on a fantastic “Carboniferous and  Tertiary Adventure” and walk through Fossil Fields, over Igneous Dykes, across the Southern Upland Fault, and have lunch on the side of a Glacial Burn. Contact:  to book a place.

What a fabulous day out we had with resident geologist and structural engineer David Lindsay who enthusiastically described the processes of Carboniferous sedimentation within the Sanquhar Basin and workings of the coal opencast mine.  Special thanks also to the guys who came in on their day off to drive us round the site.  See more at                                                                                                                                               

2. Langholm Lavas. 10th April 2011 Come and join GeoD on a “Bubbling Lava Journey” and explore Limestones, Sandstones, Coal Measures and have a coffee on a Lava Flow. Contact: to book  a place.                                                                     What an extrordinarily diverse geology there is in the Langholm area; lava flows, sandstone formations, limestone waterfalls, brockrum outcrops, anticlines, raised beaches…you neet to visit to appreciate the splender of the area. Andrew McMillan from The British Geological Survey Team in Edinburgh emparted his phenominal wealth of knowledge along the route in the most charasmatic and delightful fashion giving us a really wonderfull day.                                                                                                                                                                                           3. Rockcliffe/North Solway Fault24th April 2011 Come and join us on a “Rock Extraganza” to the Solway Coast and walk along beaches, beside cliffs of Conglomerate, Copper/Malacite Minerals, Mud/Silt/Sandstone, and picnic beside a Smugglers Grave! Contact: to book a place. SORRY CANCELLED but will be rescheduled for later in year so keep a look out here!                                                             Look what we missed!

Rock Roadshows:

1. World Oceans Week. Sunday June 5th. -Sunday June 12th.        Let the pictures do the talking!            

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